Eric Bell


Eric Bell co-founded Choose San Antonio with Kevin Peckham in June 2015. 

Bell is a finance and business development professional with expertise in strategic management, planning and structured finance.  He currently serves as the Vice President of Corporate Development at Group 42, a San Antonio-based holding company that delivers innovative energy services to customers around the globe.

At Group 42, he oversees corporate development, marketing, communications, research and data analytics, and diligence. Bell is also responsible for leading Group 42’s subsidiaries through product redesign, branding, product positioning and special initiatives aimed at developing new markets and business opportunities.

Bell is also a Principal at Rubicon Capital, LLC, a family investment office. Since 2007, he has assisted at Rubicon on decisions and oversight on its investments in technology, private equity and venture funds, energy, health care products and services, and other alternative assets. 

He serves on the board of Tech Bloc and is co-founder of THINK SA, a think tank committed to advancing San Antonio as a premier international city by collaborating on long-term solutions to systemic issues, particularly talent recruitment and retainment, technology and entrepreneurship, transportation, energy and water.